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Submissions for 2019

JAEA readers should be aware that no submissions are being accepted for the duration of 2019, due to editorial staff work. Papers already published will remain available, and regular updates on JAEA related projects will continue on the JAEA Facebook page and on this website.

Guidelines for contributors

Formatting should be as outlined in the document Formatting Guidelines for JAEA Contributors.

Papers written in English or French will be accepted in the first instance. An abstract in English should be provided with the manuscript (maximum 200 words). The article should be supplied in Microsoft Word format to The layout should be as simple as possible. Pictures, drawings and photos should be at 300 dpi quality resolution (or equivalent in pixels) or greater, and provided separately, along with the manuscript. The minimum width of images should be 1200 pixels, and higher sizes are encouraged as they allow the reader to zoom in. All kind of media are welcome, such as videos, interactive content or three-dimensionnal representations. There is no limit on article length and no deadline for submissions in the first instance.


When submitting a communication, the author takes full responsibility for the content of the work, as well as for obtaining any copyright permissions required for material to be reproduced. The author will retain copyright to the article content. The author should agree that the article is published under the Creative Common 2.0 license (CC-BY-NC) whereby anybody re-using all or part of the content must give appropriate credit to you the author and indicate if changes were made. They must do so in a reasonable manner and not in a way that suggests you as the author endorses the secondary use. The content may not be used for commercial purposes.